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I want to take you on the perpetual journey of me living life, finding my purpose, running a successful business and loving myself the way that God loves me. I believe that if I am able to find and love me, you are definitely able to find and love you, in HIM.

What if your journey to success begins with loving the most authentic version of yourself? What if that journey can be accomplished by completing simple but complex tasks daily? Simple because they can be done in mere minutes with little to no thought. Complex because the simplicity of looking within isn't always simple.

Here, you'll be challenged to look at yourself and face the you that only you and God can see.

Come back often and complete new tasks, read the stories of your fellow Proverbs 31 women who seemingly have it all together but also have their moments.

Here are your first tasks...

1.  Look in the mirror or turn your selfie camera on, look at your reflection and say... "I love you"...​

2. Connect with me on social media (it's all at the bottom of the page).




ChayilChanda L. L. C.

Warren, MI 48089

Tel: 586.551.8008

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Diamond in the Rough
ChayilChanda CEO & Visionary
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