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Better Than Bourgeois

Better Than


7 Steps to a

Better You

It starts with a decision. Once you have decided then you are ready to step into your most true and authentic self. This book will walk you through 7 simle steps to becoming a better you.

The Self-Lover Workbook



Let's Get 

to Werk

Making Self-Love a habit starts with a decision.

Now that you have decided, you need The Self-Love Werkbook to walk you through the first 21-days of your journey. 

Are you ready?

Better Than Bourgeois Journal

Better Than

Bourgeois Journal



Track your goals.

Write your vision.

Jot down your brilliant ideas.



Your 30 Day


A daily scripture and an affirmation just for you. Commit 30 Days to some time with yourself in God's word.

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