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Accountability & Womanhood: You Deserve Both

I got myself an accountability group.

We have started meeting weekly. During our online meetings, we assign ourselves goals that are measurable, challenging but attainable. We check in with each other to insure we are meeting said goals.

We have a text thread also. In our text thread, we check in on each other, share things that can assist in inspiring and pushing us forward and simply just remind each other that we are not alone.

There are three things I wanted from my accountability group:

  1. Motivation Boost: we are intentional about providing a supportive environment where we motivate each other to stay focused on our goals, resulting in increased productivity and progress.

  2. Accountability & Responsibility: Being part of our group holds us accountable for their actions and commitments, fostering a sense of responsibility towards achieving personal and professional objectives.

  3. Feedback & Growth: We receive and give constructive feedback and encouragement from. This is leading to our continuous improvement, skill development, and personal growth within our collaborative setting.

I have learned that accountability is EVERYTHING for me. I require the camaraderie of my peers to hold me accountable and push me into what I know God has for me.

Apart of the reason God gave me #PRO31Inc is to hold the #Proverbs31Woman accountable to remembering that she is a woman first. All of the titles in the world does not negate the fact that her first responsibility is to herself. And that responsibility is to simply be the woman that God created her to be. For Him and herself.

That’s my reminder to you today. Beautiful wife, mama, student, coach, friend, entrepreneur, employee, lover, sister, auntie, etc. You are a woman of God first. Be sure to take some time to simply be her. Create an environment of accountability for yourself.

If you made it this far, comment what you are doing this week to honor your womanhood and create accountability.

Me, I’m taking a day off after vacation to recharge. I deserve that and I’m taking it.

Self-Lover, I love you.

Now, you be sure to love yourself.


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